Sunday, May 22, 2011

Gothic Curls

Hello my fellow gothlings!

Okay, so this week, I was looking through some hairstyles for the darkly inclined and realized something- we spookily clad beings are usually depicted with long, straight, flat black hair.

Being of European decent, my hair IS black and I have grown it long, but my hair takes on a more... schizophrenic state. Not quite curly, not quite straight, but... let's just say it has a personality of its own. I realized long ago that I didn't like straight hair. It looks great on others, but it isn't for me. I feel like I'm restricted- I'm too "wild" to care about maintaining my hairs flatness, and it feels like I'm trying too hard to be pretty, confined, restricted, and spending an hour with a flat iron isn't fun. 

So! This post is dedicated to those much like myself with an affinity for curly hair.

The following is going to be a mostly photo heavy post of curly hair and that it CAN be worn "spooky."

Phantom of the Opera's Christine Daae (it helps if you travel with a guy like him too):

Singer Amy Lee has naturally curly hair and has been known to wear it curly, like in her music video for "My Immortal."


Known as "The Virgin Sister Bones", Laura Ziba (my personal favorite artist/model/designer) usually teases her turquoise and black hair with the addition of some curls for her shoots.

Helena Bonham Carter has curly hair which she used to her advantage in most of her characters pictured here in Sweeney Todd and also for Harry Potter.
Blondes, don't think that I forgot you. Here's Kirstin Dunst as Claudia from Interview with the Vampire.

Though not goth, Avril Lavigne also has naturally curly hair which she wears loose with her hot pink streaks.

Curly hair needs not be worn loose, it can be spilling over in a half-updo or in schizophrenic pigtails, etc.

Medieval goths are known for their long, flowing, natural hair. Besides the addition of her headband, this fiery red head hasn't done anything to alter her curls.

More at:

Others with curly haired influences are Victorian hairstyles, Lolita hairstyles, and Burlesque dancers too.

Here's the link to my favorite gothic photographer, Viona. I know you'll love her creations.

How do you wear your locks? <3!


Amanda Nelson said...

Great piece of work.

Amanda Nelson
Owner - Flat Iron Reviews

Catharina said...

You just rewoke my passion for Gerard Butler as Phantom. Emmy Rossum is gorgeous!

Danielle Fiore said...

Thanks for adding my picture! I'm the girl with long golden curls :) Could you only add my name or the link to my FB page? (

Serenity said...

Danielle Fiore- Yes! I added your FB link as a caption under the photo, now all shall love and fear your beauty! Thanks! :D <3!

Danielle Fiore said...

aww thank you so much! <3