Thursday, September 22, 2011

Earring Necklace Tutorial (DIY)

Sometimes I get my hands on cheap stuff that I really like, but find alternate uses for said items. I recently bought some spider earrings that were cute, but I couldn't see myself using them as earrings. So! Today, I set out to alter them into a more suitable form.

End result.
This was the earring before I changed anything.

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But wait! This spider doesn't have a tattoo on it's butt! Well, I did it myself. I'm gonna show you how I did that too. Let me begin by saying that I don't know anything about making jewelry- I have no real tools and just use whatever I have around the house, and so should you! Here's the stuff you'll need:

The earring, needle nose pliers, a white out pen, a fine black marker, a safety pin, and red nail polish.

First things first, your earring must dangle. Meaning, the part that goes in your ear must look like this:

That wire is your best friend. Use your needle nose pliers and start to bend that wire into a loop.
After looping it, wrap the wire around the bottom where the loop begins and squeeze any sharp bits down. It should look like this.
All you have to do from this point on is slip a chain or ribbon through that loop and voila! A necklace! I did say I would show you how I put that hourglass on my spider though, here it is.

Use the white out pen to make a hour glass on the butt of your spider. It's okay if it's bulky or kind of messy, we'll fix that in a bit.

So as you can see, my hourglass shape is kind of bulky. Take your safety pin (or razor blade, anything sharp and small) and use it to shape the hourglass on your spider.

When you think it looks pretty good, take your fine tip black marker and color over the edges. If there was any left over white out on the spider showing, this will cover it all up and make it look pretty neat.

Once that's all dried and cleaned up, take out your nail polish and color over the white with the red polish.

A brighter color is best. It's just a small splash of color, so a dark red will just get lost in your little spider friend. After it dries, use the safety pin to shape the color and color the edges so it looks a little cleaner, and voila!

Your spider friend is now ready for a walk! I turned this one into a necklace and the other into a hair flower, it's so nice when my spiders join me for a walk.
I put red paint on the edges and topped it off with red glitter nail polish. It gives it that fresh blood sparkle I love so much. :3 <3!


It Shouldn't Hurt me to be FREE said...

you always have such lovely, clever things when i come 'round here. =)

Serenity said...

Thank you, It Shouldn't Hurt me to be FREE. I don't mean for this to be a DIY blog or anything, but it kinda seems that way at times. <3!

Lady Tam said...

Holy cow, this is awesome! :D

I just recently bought those same exact earrings (A Claire's special, if I'm not wrong), and yeah....they make rather painful and bothersome earrings. (They kept getting caught in my up-do. So annoying!)

I may very well try this when I get home. Looks AWESOME as a necklace!

Lady Tam said...

Also, your "Got Zoloft" shirt made me giggle. :3 Very cool.

Serenity said...

Thank you, Lady Tam. I bought them for ear wear as well, but the tangled hair knots about ears made me alter them accordingly. I'm glad you like it! I made the shirt myself, I also posted a tutorial on that too. ;D <3!