Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Some Daily Outfits

I haven't been taking photos of myself lately, but I have been taking lots of photos of other things and people around me. Yesterday was my last day of school until January and was taking lots of photos of friends and what not. I realized I hadn't posted anything here in a while, so I would post any shots of myself in penance for my sins.
Dots on my eyebrows and purple lipgloss, damn lighting...

I find that I've grown very attached to this vest. It's a halter and ties behind my waist.

I wore flats for a while because my ankles would hurt for no reason. Probably from all the boots.

My whole outfit, my deathpunk slashed shirt added in for good effect.
I was in a practice room when my friend took this "Goth Model pose" of me. I added my ankh necklace pendant on my jacket and I really like it like that. I also added staples to the other side of the lapel shortly after this. I like wearing metal. :3

This was during the time I went a little mad for my heart shaped glasses. Lots of black sheer black lace and my black corset with matching red piping.

See? I told you. Damn Marilyn Manson!

The first time I wore my medical underbust to school, I LOVE how it goes with my skeleton gloves. I got a lot of compliments on this outfit, and my mismatched stockings. It's odd how many people comment on my constantly mismatched stockings. It's like they refuse to believe that anyone can purposefully not match their hosiery. Weirdos...

Lazy day Mary. I'm wearing a zip-up hoody under my blazer, it was feckin' cold.
At a cemetary with my friend, Jay. I put some safety pins and a mini-ankh on my vest for added interest. And I swear, it's just the lighting that makes my boobs look so... yeah...
And last but not least!
"Got Goth?" DIY tank top and... pajama pants. I'm a pajama bunny. O.o
Happy December! <3!


Anonymous said...

Yay! My picture I took got in! :D

Serenity said...

Requiem, of COURSE I added your picture! I love that photo. :3 <3!

DementiaKitty said...

So so so pretty <3 *sends lesbian love*

Serenity said...

That's my favorite kind of love, hooray! Hehe, meow meow. *Nom* <3!