Monday, January 2, 2012

DIY Spoon-lace

Happy New Year, my darklings! I hope you all had a most miserable day and the rest of these days continue in such a manner. And some last minute words of advice from Vladimir:
Do you like how my manicure compliments his lipstick? XD

Today I fiiinally exchanged Christmas gifts with my dear friend, Jakk. He presented me with a most lovely gift, a spoon!!!
 These photos cannot truly capture how truly beautiful it is.
I LOVE these roses! It's so delicate, yet sturdy enough so that a person like me can't break it. I decided it must be shown off and turned it into a spoon necklace (aka, spoon-lace).
You will need: these kind of wire cutters (the bottom cuts wire, the tips are needle-like pliers) and some wire.
I honestly don't know anything about jewelry making. I just kind of "pirate" things and make things as lovely as I can with what I can. You can use a specific special wire or do what I did- unbend a paperclip and use that (see what I mean by "pirate"?).

First things first, hold your wire on the very tip with the needle nose pliers like this.
Start curving it upon itself, making a wide curl.
Keep furling it, a loop will start forming.
Slip your loop around your spoon where you want it. Cut it to size and squeeze both ends together like this.
This should be your result.
Now, you can pass a ribbon or chain through the loop.
 And voila, le spoonlace!
I absolutely love how dainty it looks! So even though it's the end of the day and I showered and look like hell, you can imagine this being paired with some pretty nifty stuff. One thing I KNOW is I'll pair it a lot with is these earrings.
I bought these for myself for Christmas from my friend's etsy. They're very pretty and delicate. Most importantly, the little white tube glows in the dark!
 I like how my hair naturally curls around it. Enjoy le silly fish face.
Though these photos were taken pre-spoonlace, I can already imagine all sorts of pretty outfits it'll be paired with. Squee!
Coincidentally, my friend Jakk (the spoon giver) also gave me a mini tea set. Vladimir promptly claimed it for himself so Lady Fairington invited herself to his tea party.
They keep fighting over the sugar. "Cubes!" Vladimir insists. "Loose!" Lady Fairington insists. "It's more dignified."
Either way, they both had enough sugar and will be keeping me up all night. It's hard being such a good goth mother. <3!


Jakk "The Kaptin" Gomez said...

Love wut you've done with the spoonlace!!!
i'm glad my humble gift is so cherished

Smashed Doll said...

Wow thats a lovely spoon and earrings!!

Serenity said...

Jakk- Thank YOU. I love it soo much, it must be displayed!

Smashed Doll- Why thank you, my fellow Muffin! :D <3!