Sunday, January 29, 2012

Hair Ornaments

I have always had a fondness for wearing things in my hair. Even on days when I'm dressed monochromatically, a plumeria or an ornament of some sort will always be in my hair. I recently bought some more new hair ornaments, and I really like them. :D
Thank God for etsy, I got all this stuff for $10 (plus shipping). Among them was this white poinsettia:
I like how it's white with a little cream, and it opens flat against my head too. Then, I got a little spider friend!
You can't really tell, but he is covered in black glitter all over. He's so cute! Going back to flowers, I bought this blood red poinsettia. It adds a nice splash of color, and looks great in my black hair.
 And just for fun, I bought this skeleton hand. I've always had a fondness for bones, and this is plain enough that I can layer it with my other hair ornaments too.
I also make my own hair ornaments as well. As we all know, I look like this mostly every given day of my dark, tormented existence:
You can kind of see my self-made hair ornament sticking out of my head.
 It looks like this. It actually was a leather necklace with that round thing as a pendant. It was nice, but I like to give things other uses that what it's actually for, thus this hair ornament was invented.
 Here's a photo of it with flash so you can see how it flows with my hair. I love peacock feathers.
I had recently bought this little fascinator cap with a veil the other day as well. It has this big black bow in the back which I feel like ripping off, but it can stay for now.
Just to add interest to it, you can see my little spider friend hanging out with me.
Keep it goth, keep it classy. :D <3!


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