Sunday, April 8, 2012

Today was the day Zombie Bunny died for your sins and arose from the grave! This is why we must consume bunnies of marshmellow fluff and... color... eggs! ...
Okay, so maybe I have my facts wrong. But I somehow managed to look human for my familial gathering of nourishment consuming events. AKA, a BBQ.
Nothing is worse than being a vegetarian at a barbecue. But one thing made me feel a bit better. This little guy. Erm, girl.
It's a baby hen that my uncle bought for his family. She's about 2 weeks old, and they haven't named her yet. I assured her that she was safe in my hands. In fact, these were the only real food items I consumed at said barbecue.
Strawberry cupcakes with vanilla frosting and sprinkles, mmm!!! My cousin David insisted that the baby hen was friendly, so he took her out and played with her in the living room.
I don't know why I was afraid of the little hen. Just look how well these two get along. :3
My other cousin, Lorena, had learned about a hair technique called "chalking". Apparently, you buy some of these chalk pastels, rub them in your hair, and they temporarily color your hair.
For those of you who never heard of it, here's a fast video that explains how to do this:

I wanted to try this, so I chose the brightest red color there was. I'm a brunette, so I knew a brighter color would stand out on my dark strands than a more subtle color.
 With a trusty mug of water nearby, Lorena and I were ready to experiment.
 I got a section of hair just by my ear like this.
 and started coloring it...
 Until it looked like this. I brushed it out a bit, and it still stood pretty red. Not too bad.
Today was pretty fun. Lots of food and family to keep me going. And some new stockings too.
There are little black bows in the back, guess I should wear these the right way next time. What did you guys do for your Easter? Did you celebrate? How did you celebrate? Finding eggs in bushes? Throwing eggs at houses? Divulge. <3!

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