Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Gothic Florals?

Yup, you read that right. Gothic florals. The lands of gothicism and florals don't seem to cross in any way, but just believe me and read on. You'll see that there is more flowers in Goth than you thought. Let's begin with the accessories:
Nothing too crazy. A scarf, a bag, gloves, a shawl, and a parasol.
Springtime is here! There are lovely traces of flowers on my parasol, something I never paid attention to before.
 My favorite ivory scarf has this lovely autumn leaves on both sides. And my bag:
It has this lovely fleur-de-lis sort of pattern on it. I love black velvet! And my gloves too! I used these for the Sondheim show.
They're an off-white, cream fabric with a lot of flowers all over. As a matter of a fact, most of my glovelettes are a floral lace, even my shawl.
Now, moving on to outfits. I'll stick to dresses for time's sake. I always wear this white dress with black fishnets and big black boots with my hair down and loose.
Then, I took another look at the fabric.
It's all florals! So I turned to my favorite fancy gothy dress, this red dress with black lace.
 Check out the lace on my waist, it's floral lace!
  Even my gothiest bodice, the grey contrasting fabric has a lovely viney floral print all over.
I normally don't wear this dress too often, though it is a lovely favorite of mine.
 The fabric is cream with a stark black floral print all over. It's really lovely.
Sometimes when my arms feel too bare in a plain tank top, I'll slip this on top.
 It's a wrap top, and it's covered in a lovely print.
 Even my stockings!
 Flowers of doom!
 Okay, so everyone gothic has a bunch of leggings right. But what about floral leggings?
 I know, they're not your thing or something. But these leggings with a stark, Wednesday Addams dress is really awesome. Believe me. :D
 And for your hair, there is always a wild assortment of weeds to plant there.
 I usually like to wear a fascinator with a few flowers tucked in on the sides or something.
  Even a plain pillbox hat is super cute when adorned with a fancy weed or two.
Some nice gothic floral jewelry that I have is my rose ring (I always wear this).
My Evenstar from LOTR. ... yes, I'm a nerd.
My cameo. She is adorned with flowers, as well as some in her hair too.
These leafy earrings I bought from my good friend, Jessica. They glow!
And what's a garden without a few insects?
Or, you could always go out with your wings. I made these myself a few years ago, I love them so!
So as you can see, there are more flowers in Goth than you thought. I believe this had to have started with the advent of the cemetary Goth. Girls in black long dresses with veils and an armful of dead dry flowers. Also, the advent of Pagans, faeries, everything Victorian, and Ophelia too of course. And any artwork by Victoria Frances as well.

All in all, there are more flowers in your life than you may have thought. <3!

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