Sunday, April 8, 2012

Gothic Easter Gifts

So it's Easter. You're Goth, and you don't know what to give. It IS a day of sparkles and bunnies and eggs, so what do you do?
 Well, there is that light and fluffy part of me that loves pink and sparkles...
 But there is also that part of me that loves all things vampiric and sharp.
 I love how the frame is mirrored, and this design is very classy and elegant.
 Another great Goth gift is candles! How else can you give darkness and fire in one gift?
 Of course, every witch needs to have a familiar.
 No matter how unconventional they may be.
 ... very unconventional.
 No matter what gift you're giving, these guys are super fun when adding some awesome to a card. I've wrapped gifts in white paper and doodled on the paper when I wanted to make the gift more personal, and these guys (Sharpies too) are really fun to use.
 What's a Goth without their intellect? Books are every body's best friend because intellect looks great on everyone.
 I REEEALLY wanted to buy this for myself, but I refrained. I never have any visitors, but something like this would be uber-cool. AND it was $9.99.
 For your wardrobe needs, black and white vestements are always an order.
 Something white and lacy is always Spring-y, even if you aren't into floral prints.
Or you could stick to the basics and mix it up with a black lace number like this one.
All of these items I found at Ross for under $10 and, since today was the day that Zombie Bunny died for your sins and rose from the dead, you best spread some Gothic-egginess. <3!

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