Monday, December 26, 2011

My Spooky Christmas

You know what they say about the holidays- Eat, drink, and be merry! For tomorrow, you dine with family. :P

Usually, people dress up nicely in pretty dresses or suits and have a nice dinner with family. Well, I decided to dress a little different this year.
Yes, I am wearing a heart shaped eyepatch. No, my eye is not injured. My friend Jessica gave it to me for Christmas and I love it to itty-bits! It's so cute! >.<!
Mini red glitter top hat with a veil, a sew-on patch glued onto my other eye, red skele-hand with a black rose on the other side of my head, choker, necklace, and parasol.
 Black lace sleeves (Self-made), black dress, corset, and to show off my holiday spirit...
Red and white striped stockings! :D
 High heeled Mary Janes completed this look. I think this is my new favorite outfit.
Yes, my neighbors were staring. ...I like scaring their children.

I really like this outfit! It's like... pirate meets Victorian street walker. I really think I'll wear this outfit to the Emilie Autumn concert in February, I feel like such a Captain!

As for the festivities, my family and I went to my uncle's house. I snuck a few photos when they were busy eating.
There were more of us, but the boys were playing video games and the girls were all chatting in my cousin's bedroom.
 Their lovely Christmas tree.
 Their fireplace and mantle with stockings. It was a bit warm that day, so they didn't turn the fire on. But yes, Frank Sinatra was permeating the air.
I didn't know Santa and his elves were there on Christmas...

Our family friends brought over a great assortment of delicious sugary sweets! Don't they look lovely!

Yes, I ate that cupcake. :3
I ate this one too...
I didn't eat the candy canes, or the sugar cookies, or the cranberry walnut cookies, but I had that chocolate chip cookie in the corner...
My cousin's made some cookies too. They kinda freaked me out because they looked like they were made out of playdoh, but they were so yummy! Obviously, I ate the heart-shaped red one. :3
Obligatory stocking shot.

Lots of presents were exchanged and bellies were filled to the brink (I don't think I want to hear the word "food" for another day or two @_@ ).

All-in-all, a nice lovely dinner was had. I hope you all had a wonderful, Merry Christmas and enjoy your holidays. :D <3!


Anonymous said...

Outfit looks wonderful and the food looked delicious! Parts of the outfit looks like what you wore for your dinner last time I saw you, am I right? :3

Merry Christmas... again.

Serenity said...

Requiem- Nope. Different outfit, same corset. ... i need a new corset... <3!

Anonymous said...

That's what's familiar!

^ I ams Swedish?

WE MUST GO WARDROBE SHOPPING! I need new boots and pants, as well as a new brain...

Because right now it is gooey...

I no like the gooey.

DementiaKitty said...

So glad you liked the eyepatch :3 did the tea, earrings, and oil arrive safely as well?

Serenity said...

Dementia- Yes! The eyepatch, oil, and earrings I ordered came safely and fast. I will be posting a blog soon about them all. There wasn't any tea in the package though. Maybe the postmaster thought it was weed? O.o? <3!

DementiaKitty said...

o.o oh my, that is quite plausible, considering it was loose tea XD

Serenity said...

Haha! Awh, I wanted that tea. :[
They're probably smoking it and wondering why they feel antioxidized and slightly caffeinated with a taste of bergamot. <3!

DementiaKitty said...

XD hahahaha