Thursday, December 15, 2011

Victorian Gentleman

Tonight I'm going to see the midnight showing of "Sherlock Holmes"! I'm super excited and am thinking of going gussied up in some neo-Victorian gothwear. It got me thinking of Victorian men that I find intruiging (though Robert Downey Jr. is a FINE example of a handsome gentleman *swoon*).

This blog is more of a collage of darkly clad gentlemen that I find quite intriguing.

Very intriguing. A crinkled top hat, key necklace, neck corset with black feathers, black shirt, black corset, black jacket and pants with a finger ring. I love this photo, how it combines Victorian with an almost nighmarish faerie tale element to it. *swoon*

Okay, so not so romantic in the "monocle and top hat" sense of the word, but there's something very romantic about his long hair, his dark intense eyes, and... this photo just seems romantic to me in a way. If you added a top hat, I think he'd look very handsome indeed (though there's absolutely nothing that I feel could make him more beautiful).

A very beautiful top hat with black accents, a black velvet jacket, a red and black shirt with an old fashioned jabot tie (I forget what this particular sort of tie is called), made modern with a matching pair of red glasses. He has hoop earrings and some very interesting facial hair too. Very vampiric Victorian.
Okay, so no classic long sleeved button-up shirt and waistcoat, but the velvet jacket, beautiful top hat, rosary and, yes, even the tattoos are intriguing. One does not have to be entirely steampunk to have a gentlemans air about them.

Very lovely and romantic. His long disheveled hair and clothes, and even her curly romantic hair add a tenderness to this intense image.

I always return to this photo. The papers, the knife, the looking glass, his outfit, his hair, his make-up, his quill, all the little details really make this image very fascinating and intriguing to see. I also like the closeness of nature, the fact that he is writing outdoor (as I often do).

Bram Stoker's "Dracula" is entirely intriguing and lovely in many ways. I doubt this scene needs any description. And because I love it so much...

You get two photos. *Sigh, swoon*

Another outfit of Gary Oldman's from "Dracula" (I must note, EVERY costume of EVERY person in this movie will make you absolutely drool). It's very classic (though I cannot vouch for its authenticity to a time period), and I like how they paired his curls with a top hat. Very classy and handsome indeed.

I doubt these next photos need much details, so here they are:

And for those of you who take steampunk too seriously:

A funny photo of Chewbacca (left) and Jaba the Hut (right) in full Victorian attire. It really suits them! I like how Chewbacca still has his belt/sash thing and Jaba is smoking a cigar (instead of a hookah).

I will be posting another post shortly. It is entirely dedicated to Emilie Autumn's steampunk journal entry a few years back and will be VERY image heavy, so keep your eyes open. <3!

Edit: Here are some links that bear some gentlemanly interest!

The haute couture version of Victorian wear:

And how to defend oneself with the usage of a cane:


Anonymous said...

*sighs* Wardrobe dream right here... probably cost me a couple of K's to afford at least half of this. Though I think I do pretty well with my budget. T_T

Serenity said...

Requiem- yes, you do very well indeed! Also, I added a few links to the bottom of this blog just now. The first one might break your heart, but the second is pretty fun. <3!