Thursday, December 29, 2011

Random Post-Christmas Thoughts

Now that Christmas is over, I have some lingering thoughts (in photos) that I thought I'd spill out into a random blog post. :P

First things first- what color scheme do I choose for my tree?
While wearing a PVC skirt, fishnets, boots, corset, elbow length opera gloves, and clip-in devil horns, of course. I was feeling devilish, I went with hellfire red.
And now for the Christmas music. Forget Frank Sinatra, play something on a more sombre note. Think Classical, in a minor key, preferrably a dead composer.

A live orchestra will suffice too.
 Hehe, there was a santa hat on the bow. :3
The group consisted of a few woodwinds as well as cellos, violins, and violas (No upright basses, I'm afraid).
 Notice my "WTF?" onlookers. They were pointing at me seconds earlier. :P
And now for the snacks. An afternoon tea is a great idea, something light yet filling. Preferrably in this teapot as well.
I saw it in a store and wanted it. It's like a birdcage, but gloomy and pretty. Cages and tea equal a happy me. :D

On that note, we move onto a New Years Resolution- more stockings. 
I usually stick to black fishnets or something of the like, but I want to branch out this coming year with new stockings.
Okay yes, the lace is pink, but the black bows are sooo gloomy! I think they balance out nicely for that creepy, Kinder-bat look.
And they come with a friend on the end.
After dinner is consumed, dessert shall be served. I like ice cream.
Yes, I am attempting to lick him...

So these are a few things to remember this holiday season. Hope I've been of help! <3!


linnea-maria said...

Lovely stockings! Oh I really hate christmas music I can't stand it, it makes me puke and I feel sad for the staff in the stores that have to listen to that crap from start of november. I dressed my tree in silver and white this year but maybe it will be red the next :)

Serenity said...

Linnea- Soo true! I feel sorry for those staff workers, I would go insane listening to that music all the time.
Ooh, those colors sound nice! Like, frost and snow. I think I'll try those colors this next year. :D <3!