Sunday, April 10, 2011


Hello my spooky friends!

Okay, I bought something on Friday that I haven't had since before Freshman year of high school- I bought a backpack. A true backpack, not the kind that is shaped like a coffin with a cross and chain dangling across it, like my bag "Spooky."

I love her to itty bitty bat pieces, but she has elastic straps- this means that I cannot carry heavy things because she'll bounce up and down on my back. This means that I would usually also carry a tote bag filled with books, paper, music, and edible delights as well.

I never weighed the tote bag when it was filled, but it deemed a "Holy hell!" from my mother when she tried to lift it once. Tried.

I realized I needed a vessel that was build sturdier, roomier, and easier to carry. So, I bought a backpack.

Nothing special, it's a Jansport "Super Student" (basically meaning it's bigger). It's all black, and has lots of pockets for stuff. This means that I can also put all my purse/wallet belongings inside of it Meaning I'll have to leave Spooky at home. Though this saddens me, this also means that I can be more comfortable whilst carrying all my gear at school.

However, this also brings about a dilemma: how to I dress with said backpack?

'Tis a trivial question, I know, but do you think I'd wear this outfit with a big black backpack on my back?

(Note: This ISN'T me. This is the amazing, talented, beautiful, awesome, lovely Emilie Autumn herself. You should know about her if you're going to know about me, so get to know her now because she's amazing. *Nods*)

It's hard to convey the supernatural spookiness that I want to create with my day-to-day changing wardrobe choices with 30+ pounds of stuff bulging forth from my back, so I'm going to try to adapt to this small change with a more "casual" (eh, I don't know if I like that word, is "conventional" any better? How about "practical"?) approach to my wardrobe.

For starters, I think that my corsets/bodices will have to be for special events now. Fishnets and boots are okay, as well as gothic lolita stuff (plaid skirts, over-the-knee stockings, button-up shirts, pigtails, etc.), Just no frock coats, trench coats, cloaks/capes (I DO own a purple velvet one), and other such truly eccentric spooky garments.

I am a wee-bit saddened at the neglect that Spooky shall have to now endure, but I know my back will thank me for it. What do you guys think? Do you have any such said experiences with your wardrobe? <3!


Unlacing the Victorians said...

Despite their ungainly appearance to any fashionable outfit, backpacks are pretty much a must as a student.

Maybe you should spice it up with pins, patches, and/or drawings (I've seen people use white-out on black backpacks). Keychains are another option, although I personally hate the sound they make when they clang against doors or other keychains.

Serenity said...

I was thinking that pins and safety pinned patches would be good. I recently went to the Pink Parlor Festival and got a lot of good pins from there. I agree on the keychains, they're a bit too clangy for me. I prefer the "silent but deadly approach". :D