Monday, April 25, 2011

My Beloved Backpack

Hello again snarklings!

About a week ago on Tuesday, I got it in the mail. Yup, my black backpack. Nothing fancy-shmancy, and a small thing to receive (considering the boots, mini skirts, stockings, and chokers that I usually buy. Poor mailman), but I was kinda excited. Seeing that black bag was like seeing a blank canvas for the first time. My imagination began to go "How can I improve upon this?"

Sooo, out came the creativity. It's black, so I would need a contrasting color. I didn't want to add much color because if I wore a black/red outfit with a black/purple backpack (or vice cersa), I would be committing a big personal faux pas. I chose to stick to a monochromatic sort of color scale: black, grey, silver, and white. (Does clear count as a color?)

I recently went to something called The Pink Parlour Festival where a lot of crafters sell their handmade, one-of-a-kind goods. Even though some things were a bit too pricey to purchase, I took pictures (to replicate them at a later date when I had the time and money to do so. Also, pins. Lots, and lots of pins. There was this great graphic novelist who, though I couldn't buy her book, sold a lot of cool pins with her character (female goth girl, w00t w00t!) and other little gothic trinkets as well. These were utilized in my backpack's conversion, as well as useless safety pins.

This is where I ripped off the Jansport logo and decorated it with a lot of pins, and drew on an ankh with a whiteout pen as well.

My beloved bag Spooky will now be spending hours at home having tea with the unicorns and bunnies that inhabit my bed, so I decided to keep with the black/white cross theme and add a little homage to Spooky's presence. I love Shakespeare and I love Emilie Autumn, so the quote seemed necessary.

I'm thinking of adding little crosses and ankhs in random order down the straps, but they're plain for now. I'm also thinking of dissecting an old studded belt and adding those on the straps, but I dunno yet. I also want to add a biohazard sign, but those seem kinda complicated for my minimalistic artistic skills. ^^;

Have you guys ever "spookified" something? A bag, a shirt- no matter how small and inconsequential, tell me about your experience.


GenevaEbony said...

When i was nine i spray painted my bike black and wrote poems on it and drew skulls and stuff on the seat and handels. ah, the good ole days. I miss that bike ='(

Serenity said...

Awh! I've never tackled something as huge as a bike, that sounds awesome! We need some gothic bikes in this world, that'd be beautiful. <3!