Friday, February 17, 2012

Make-up Tutorial

I'm soooorry! I didn't mean to be gone for so long, school has been crazy. In penance, I decided to make a Gothic mash-up of everything for you all!

I had recently gone to Emilie Autumn's concert on February 4th (and had an AWESOME time!!!) and I got to go VIP this time too, yay! I uploaded all my photos to my Facebook page which you can view here:

Also, if you got The Asylum Newsletter recently, you will see this photo on the e-mail:
The gloved hand is my friend, my other friend is HOLDING Emilie's hand, and that's my pirate hat with the red bow in the lower right hand corner of the photo. TOO. AWESOME. FOR. WORDS.

Yesterday night, I came home tired and exhausted to a package on the table. It was from my friend Robert, he bought me gloves!
I LOVE these! They're black satin gloves with a lot of buckles and straps that run up my arms. They come to my elbows, and remind me a lot of The Crow. These are going to get a LOT of wear in these coming winter weeks. :D

For Valentine's Day, I bought some really pretty cupcake cards with these sweet little babies inside:
Cupcake erasers! They're so adorable, but not edible. I think I'll save one and make a hairbow or something out of it.

I wanted to wear black and red on Valentine's Day, but I was still feeling like a proper Captain from the E.A. concert, so I wore this outfit to school:
 Yup, I'm in the school bathroom again. :p
 Ignore the Target bag, it held all my Valentine's cards.
 My heart shaped patch, I love it to ribbons!
My normal photo face. Beware of the spoon! :D

And last but not least, I made a new make-up tutorial! It's like my other one, but a little longer. I feel weird when I watch people's make-up tutorials and they take a minute to put on mascara, a minute to find their brush, apply lipgloss, etc. I like my sped up versions, but let me know if you actually want to watch five minutes of me applying fake eyelashes in my tutorials. :P

I hope you enjoy! <3!

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