Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Fingerless Gloves Tutorial

I realized that I didn't have many pretty things to cover my hands in the summer time, so I sought out to make gloves!
For this tutorial, you will need: 2 contrasting fabrics, scissors, and a needle and thread.

Lay out your two fabrics, decide which you want to be the inner color and which you want to be the outer color. I'm making mine out of two old t-shirts. 
 With the inner color chosen (red), cut out a shape similar to your own hand. Just eyeball it. I'm using t-shirt material, so it'll stretch some.
 Make one of these shapes for your right and left hand, or be lazy like me and use your left hand as a prototype for both hands.
 Cut out two prototypes of each hand so you'll have 4 pieces- two for your left hand, and two for your right hand.
Lay out your outer shell of fabric (black), and take one left hand prototype and one right hand prototype. Lay them on the FOLDED fabric and cut them out. When you fold your outer shell fabric, you will be making 2 left hand and 2 right hand shells at once. Make sure to cut the outer shell slightly larger than the inner shell.
 So now you have 2 outer shell fabric pieces and 2 inner shell fabric pieces for each hand.
 Put two inner shell pieces together and sew the sides shut, like this.
 All of my fingers pop out and my thumb looks awkward. Don't worry, we'll fix that later.
 Do the exact same with the outer shell pieces, then flip it inside out.
 This way, the seams you just made are on the inside of the shell. Line your seams up like this, and start cutting slashes on the seam we just created. DO NOT CUT THE SEAM WE JUST MADE. Cut to about a finger before it, leaving some room so you don't accidently cut the seam.
 Your finished product should look like this.
 Put on the inner shell and pull the outer shell on top, so your two pieces look like this.
 See the raw edge where the two fabrics meet? Sew these together so you get one edge at the top and the bottom.
 Like this.
 With your hand back in the glove, sew a seam between your thumb and pointer finger like this. Make several passes so it's pretty sturdy.
 And there you have it, your very own gloves! I like that these have the color showing through the outer shell, so it adds some interest to your hands.  
It only took a few minutes to make, and will keep your hands sun-free for the summer. Hope you enjoyed!


linnea-maria said...

What a nice tutorial. These gloves are perfect for cold autumnevenings. As I have lots of scrapped clothes this will be very useful. Thanks <3

Serenity said...

Yes. Depending on what type of fabric you use, they're light enough to wear in the car when driving, or thick enough to wear in winter with some faux fur inside. They're really simple to make, and I'm glad you like them. :D <3!