Saturday, July 14, 2012

Mail Call Number Two

Another day, another package!
Today, I bought some more "casual gothwear" for my wardrobe. I needed some cool but normal shirts to wear out every now and then, and I think these were just right. 
 Opeth! I'm a new fan, but I love them. Also, this pink bunny shirt.
 Look familiar? It is the pink bunny from Sucker Punch, and I love him. I only wish I knew what this means. Can any of you translate it for me? I'm at a loss of words. (Get it? Punny).
 This is what the shirt looks like on me. I am suddenly reminded of why I normally don't wear white, it's because it makes me look super tanned for some reason. O.o  
 I hate high necklines though (I feel like I'm being smothered), so I cut it into this shape. I just followed his ears really, I think it looks fine. Still normal/casual for any given day.
 And a new belt buckle! I think this will look great on my bullet belt when I go for more of a shredded deathpunk look.
It's a plain rubber band bracelet, but I think the black/red Manson look is always a given for any Goth.
And this little number. I don't remember if I posted this or not, but I kinda feel bad so imma post it (again?).
 My friend recently came back into my life and bought me this exquisite necklace that I LOVE. He knows my taste well. :P
Remember when I bought this skeleton slide a while back? I think this necklace and bracelet will get along very nicely. 
Time to start changing up my wardrobe, I've been very boring lately. :P <3!

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Chris Tufnell said...

Wicked tshirt, do they still sell them? And in a boy fit :)

I think the translation means "Unit of Bad Women"