Sunday, July 22, 2012

Goth Girl Outing

I guess you can already tell that we had a pretty awesome yet random day. 
 My friend Natalie and I went out on a day of shopping and random! We tend to do this every now and then. We load up on sunscreen, wear sun-protecting layers, sunglasses, and venture out into the bright (and HOT) California world.
 Natty checking out some monochromatic lace shirts. :3
 I find that random stores with a lot of accessories have the best stock of Goth bits. I found this earring and necklace set as well as other spooky jewelry too.
 Moving on to another store, we found ourselves in the pet aisle. Lo and behold! A wildly cute, devilish bunny appeared!
 I love bunnies sooo much! And though the thought of buying this bunny for the sole purpose of watching my puppy rip it to shreds ("D'aw, he ripped off his face. Cute!"), I had to turn my attention to more pressing matters. Like the unhealthy bond between a girl and her hedgehog.
 COINCIDENTALLY, the pet aisle just HAPPENED to be directly across from the toy aisle. Accident? I think not.
 Yeah, we don't even... why?
 Though Natty does not like things that bounce, she does like round things. Particularly when they are twisted, bare and dead.
 There was a SMALL Halloween aisle to the store! You can see the price tags, we were tempted.
 Why don't those witch shoes exist in real life? :[
 Le glitter candle stick holders were my favorite.
 We soon departed from said store of gloom and despair for sustenance! It was soo bright and soo hot, Natty decided to stake herself in the heart. ... yeah, I don't even know where she found that thing. XD
Yeah, summer in Cali sucks. But the tacos were awesome! <3!

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