Friday, July 13, 2012

Mail Call

I got some new treats in the mail this week! What can it be? 
 I love the black bag, it's so mysterious.
 Alas, this beauty lie in wait inside!
 Yup, your eyes do not deceive you- Mother Misery got a new corset!  
 It's super nice. I wanted something different from the black and red corset I first bought, and I think this sapphire blue corset is just what the doctor ordered.
 It fits perfectly.  
 I think this corset would have been a better beginner corset for me, but I would not trade my black and red beauty for the world. It has a modesty panel too, something my other corset lacked.
 And what could be inside of this strange box?
 Bam! A new black parasol! UNFORTUNATELY (as you might see in the above photo), the box was bent and, yes, my parasol was broken. Something I learned when I pulled it open and almost sliced my hand off on the splintered wood. Alas, I love the fabric and build of this little darling, and immediately contacted the sellers and ordered a new parasol. It's due any day now. :D  
 A while back, I received this in the mail and completely forgot to post it. Eep!
 Super tightly packed into this box were these two brightly encapsulated objects.
 And the reason for all the packing peanuts? A tea saucer!  
 AND tea cup. A friend was getting rid of some of her belongings, and she wanted these to go to a good home. Who am I to refuse a tea set? There is always room for one more in my home. No tea set shall ever be turned away. :3
 All in all, I think this mail day was just what I needed- a corset, a parasol, and a tea set. What else could a Goth girl want? <3! 


majerenoir said...

Where did you order your corset from? It looks fabulous on you. I look forward to seeing what outfits you put together to showcase it. :)

Serenity said...

Majerenoir- Why thank you. I actually got it off ebay, nothing special. But I wanted something to break up the constant red and black theme of my outfits. Here's the link, hope you like them! <3!