Sunday, October 21, 2012

Outfit and Oysters

It was a bit chilly today, so I opted for leggings on this chilly day. 
 Okay, so my leggings weren't THAT warm, but I can't help it. I hate it when I feel plain! ><!
 I felt a bit nostalgic for the old school monsters as well. I found this great Bride of Frankenstein shirt. I know green isn't my normal color, but I really like it. And what's more...
 I altered the back too. I gave it this great hourglass cut tapering off at my waist and flaring open at the bottom. It is very flattering to my feminine figure.
 Later that night, Chris decided to take me out to one of my firsts- oysters!
 They look... questionable...
 But I'm that type that doesn't knock it till I try it.
 So with half a dozen oysters between us, Chris and I dove in.
 They weren't all that bad.
 Okay, so they're gooey and look like boogers,  but when you add lemon and some salt to them, they're pretty tasty.
We also got these too. I can't remember what they're called, something like... Blue Bay shrimp? Costa Azul shrimp in Spanish.
The outside was shrimp wrapped in bacon...
 The inside help cheese. Nom!
Overall, a great evening. :3 <3!


Anonymous said...

I totally thought you'd pierced your nose b/c of the water drips on the mirror. XDE

CatacombxKitten said...

Funny that this is a warmer outfit for you, I'd freeze in it! Absolutely lovely, though. You can't go wrong with old school horror shirts.

Serenity said...

theEmocarebear- Haha! Yeah, the mirrors in the practice rooms are dirty. I have no idea how they got that foggy, I don't wanna know.

CatacombxKitten- Yeah, the term "cold" in California is used a bit loosely. And yes, I need me some more old school monster shirts. :3 <3!