Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween Treats!

It's not quite Halloween yet, but I like to indulge in some pre-Halloween treats.
In case you ever wondered which side of my tongue I stuck my lollipops.
Aside from stealing candies wherever I go, my uncle sent me a Halloween card! He never leaves his return address, but he always draws this little guy.
His name is Boots, a dog that my uncle had in his youth and he immortalized in cartoon form. And if that wasn't cute enough...
Just look at this card!
I won't show you what he wrote on it, but this is the inside message.
Little candy corn bats! I LOVE cards. No one ever goes out, buys cards, and mails them anymore. I'm all out of stamps, but you can bet that I sent him a card in return. :D <3!


Anonymous said...

Happy early Halloween!

Serenity said...

theEmocarebear- Happy Early Halloween to you as well, my dear! :D <3!