Friday, October 19, 2012

DIY Bleach Skeleton Sweater

This is going to be a tutorial on how to make a nice DIY bleach stained sweater jacket. 
So I had this plain black jacket lying around (literally. Look at it just lying there, the punk...) and I never really wore it. It was too... plain. So I decided to do something about it. 
You will need: a skeleton reference photo of some sort, chalk (or white eyeliner like I did), bleach, and a paintbrush.

I went online and found a photo to base my jacket on. I chose this one. 
 Simple, plain, and doable. I laid out my jacket and started sketching out my design. Just freehand it. If you don't like it, just rub it out. 
 Start at the top and start moving down. It might look goofy now, but it'll look better later.
 Start adding the lower false ribs. I know there are more false ribs, but I ran out of room. ^^;
Start filling in the parts you are going to bleach with some white chalk (or eyeliner like I did). This way, you won't get confused in the future.
 I decided that I wanted to add some spinal bones and the tops of the pelvic bone to my jacket. Just go down the center, adding the column, avoiding any buttons or zippers.
 Wing up your pelvic bones, and your jacket should look like this.
 I also added the spinal bones UNDER the flap where the buttons are, just in case.
 Go somewhere where you don't mind making a big bleach mess. My bathroom is ventilated, and I have tile floors so clean up is easy. Hang that sucker up.
 Here's the important part: DILUTE YOUR BLEACH WITH WATER. If you don't, the bleach will burn holes into your fabric and your jacket will fall apart. BELIEVE ME. It's happened with skirts. ><!
 Start painting on your bleach.
 It's best to start out light and make it darker as you go along so you get this cool ghost effect on your ribs.
 Don't forget those spinal bones.
 This should be your finished product.
 I decided to add some bleach drips on the jacket for added interest.
 A liiiiittle off, but nothing horrible.
 Aaand the hips.
 Here, you can see some of the bleach drips I added.
 Leave it to dry overnight where it can be left alone and wake up to the awesome.
 Not too shabby...
 I love the drip effect.
 Awh yeah, these hips don't lie.
 I left some ghost like brush strokes on for a cool effect.
 And you can see the spinal bones here with the other hip.
I'm very proud of this jacket, it's something that is MINE and cannot be found anywhere else. I hope you guys liked it too. <3!


Anonymous said...

When other little girls were waiting for Prince Charming to ride them off into the sunset on a white horse....I stood only balcony at midnight waiting for Lestat to make me eternal.

CatacombxKitten said...

Great tutorial, thank you!

Serenity said...

Anonymous- looks like we have something quite in common.
CatacombxKitten- I'm glad you like it, love! <3!