Sunday, October 7, 2012

DIY Hat Decor

 Do you have an old hat that you like, but don't really know what to do with it? Well, now's the time to decorate it!
 I had this hat in my wardrobe just lying in the corner.
 Nothing too special, but I like it.
 It was just always so... plain though. No hearts, no ribbons, just... grey.
 Well, let's fix that right now! You will need- anything your heart desires. Old earrings, bracelets, beads, lace, fabric, and buttons.
I laid out a piece of lace on the side and placed buttons on top of it. I just kind of eyeballed it and, when I was happy with the placement, I sewed them all down.
 I chose some pretty pieces of fabric I had left over from other projects and placed them on the back of my cap. I love that yellow-and-blossom fabric, it reminds me of a dollhouse.
 Then, I cut out a heart and tacked it down on the brim of the hat. And when it was all sewed down...
 Voila! My own personalized steampunk cap!
 Buttons! I have a sort of button fetish. I also salvaged some bits of an old necklace and added them to one of the buttons, the faux pearls add a nice touch.
 Here are the patches, I like how sheen the fabrics are.
 A side view of the patches.
 And a little bow and button to finish it off.
 I'm very pleased with this cap! I want to add some rhinestones here and there, but I must venture out and buy some more.
I think this is a nice addition to any outfit. Just a white shirt with blue jeans would look great, particularly when paired with a vest. Now, onward to make a vest! <3!

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