Sunday, November 11, 2012

Bee sting

With an awful story about to come, I choose to redeem myself with some pretty Gothic photos of myself. I LOVED this sofa!
My friend Erla took these photos of me in the ladies dressing room in the theater department at school. They make me feel a bit better about myself... and the horrific tale to come. 
Funny thing is, I chose to dress a bit like Synthetic Doll today. She always wears all black and is super lovely, so I wanted to dress like her and feel good about myself.
Good thing I did. My self-esteem would need a boost today.
And here's the awful truth.
I had JUST gotten to school. It had just turned 8am and I was sitting outside the theater department, writing in my diary when a bird flew overhead and I felt something hit my hair. I thought "Dear God, PLEASE tell me that a bird didn't just sh** in my hair!" So I reached back and... 
Yup, a bee stung my hair. The stinger had gone in SOO deep, I had to fish it out with a safety pin that I "sanitized"... with fire. Yeah, it SUCKED.
The health center didn't open until 8:30am which meant that I had to wait HALF AN HOUR to receive medical services. Joy. But also, the bee incident was also technically an accident that happened on campus. What does that mean, you ask? Insurance forms, I say. INSURANCE FORMS. ... FOR A BEE STING.
And what else could possibly add insult to injury than trying to fill out insurance forms with a hand that hurts like hell? How about this- I needed to get a tetnis shot! Since it was an accident that led to a "break in the skin", the school could get sued if they didn't treat it as a rusty nail or something of the like. So, as if the sting and the forms and the humiliation wasn't enough, now I needed a shot. IN THE SAME ARM AS THE BEE STING.
Yeah. I suppose mother nature has a reason to be pissed off at us- global warming, destroying trees, cutting down forests, oil spills in the ocean. I'd like to think that I paid my due to mother nature. Hopefully, karma will save me from the shark attack it was planning next week and I'll get off with a slap on the wrist. Well, a sting on the thumb anyway. <3!

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