Saturday, November 10, 2012

IHOP, Birthdays, and Dinner- oh my!

It was a lovely Friday morning, so a friend and myself went out for breakfast! Vladimir tagged along. He likes coffee to wake him up in the mornings, vampires are AWFUL morning people. Just look at that sarcastic smile!
My friend, Erla, gave him a few snuzzles and his mood improved some. He can be such a little brat sometimes!
He insisted I use the "blood syrup" on my waffles. I'm not really a fan of strawberry syrup, but my how his eyes lit up when he watched the deep red, thick, syrup drizzle on my waffle.
We ordered some blueberries with whipped cream. Vlad deemed it "Goth enough" for our waffles and allowed us to consume it (after he tried it first, of course). 
He was so elated, he found a random Halloween orange crayon and drew us this little doodle.
Someone's been watching too much Slenderman.
After a brief adventure to Target, Erla and I went over to Andres dorm with gifts! Thursday was his birthday, so Erla bought him these sweet Avengers pajamas!
My gift is too sexy to show, but here's Andres with candy boobs.
Erla and I then traded off giving Andres piggy back rides. Look at his face, that is PURE joy! XD
He looks scared in my photo. O.o
Erla and I sang in a choir festival (which I FORGOT to take ANY photos! ><!) then went to our friend Tj's dorm for some dinner. He made us pasta and salad, he's a real good cook! He got Vlad's approval.
No seriously, Vlad was entirely appeased.
Tj then whipped out his classical guitar and started playing for Erla and I. Dinner and a show, isn't that sweet of him?
It was all over entirely too soon, and we had to go home. I was tired, it was such a long day, but I felt glad. I had brought joy to so many people today, whether by joining them or gifts or singing or just laughing over stupid jokes. I can't help but feel content. I took off my black lipstick and black dress and put on my fluffy purple bathrobe, Vlad too. It's time for some much needed sleep. <3!

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