Sunday, November 18, 2012

Girl's Night Out

My friend Erla and I went out last night! Here she is, um... brushing a spider off of my shoulder. ... yes, shoulder... 
Erla and I go to the same school and have the same voice instructor, Dr. Kane. She was having a performance last night, so Erla and I strapped on our high heels and headed out to see her. We drove out to Hollywood, the city of broken dreams and endless one-ways! The venue was a nice little club called The M Bar. I still have no idea what the "M" stood for, maybe it stood for money because the place was pretty beautiful inside.
 Everything was red- the table cloths, the seats, the booths, the curtains. It was all red velvet or some form of very luxurious red fabric that made you want to run your fingers through it. There were multiple chandeliers as well, like the one's pictured above Erla and her boyfriends' head. I need one of these for my bedroom. ><!
There were tables set up right against the stage, just look at how fancy that table looks with the piano in the background! It was a very intimate setting with just about 200 capacity or less. There were a few people from school that came along as well, it was so wonderful to see such friendly faces in a beautiful place like this.
This was the bar area, and I actually loved it. The whole place had the feel of a 1920's speakeasy and, being a lover of anything vintage, I instantly fell in love with it.
Here were some of the beverages consumed (classy, right?). I bought that mini bottle of Martinelli's cider for Dr. Kane. I figured she'd have all the roses in the world, so I wanted something classy yet unique just for her. I festooned it with plenty of Gothic black ribbons, they make any occasion festive.
We had a wonderful dinner and show. I wanted to show respect, so I didn't take any photos during the performance. It was wonderful. She sang opera arias, Edith Piaf, musical theater, and she even played the ukulele! It was such a wonderful night. A few of us were a bit too tipsy to drive, so we went to Denny's for some much needed caffee. Here are my cups, I like to double fist.
Across the street was some ridiculous bar with women wearing all sorts of revealing outfits even though it was 50 degrees AND raining. We entertained ourselves by watching them pass by and commenting on what we imagined their social life to be like. It was a wonderful night indeed! <3!

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