Tuesday, November 13, 2012

IHOP breakfast

I completely forgot to post this a while back ago! This was the FIRST time my friend Erla and myself went to IHOP. Don't we look so young and innocent. ^^;
This stuff right here is soooo good. You put it in coffee, BAM! Instant goodness.
I found out that Erla likes to drink her coffee like soup. She mixes it all up then drinks it like this. She's an odd little sheep.
Myself, however, lack such... "finesse"...
Soon, our food came. This is Erla's plate, it looks soo good and healthy with the spinach and the mushrooms!
Myself, however...
Okay, so I eat like a 10 year old at summer camp! Who cares? I'm curvy for a reason. I got a good reminder from my Tapatio bottle of this simple fact too.
After our first carafe of coffee, we had to ask for more creamer. We decided to make our caffination session easier by segregating the sublime from the plain.
My bag bunny came out for a drink or two as well. He couldn't handle his syrup, unfortunately.
Altogether, a wonderful day of breakfasting and coffee was had. :3 <3!


SaryWalrus said...

French Vanilla is my favourite coffee filler! Omnom!

Serenity said...

Yeeees! It is the cream of the Gods! <3!