Monday, March 26, 2012

The Pink Parlour Festival

Today was the day of the Pink Parlour Festival! This is a festival of pure hand-made things that multiple makers have concocted. It's held at the Historic Santa Anita Race Track, and this was our third year going.
Damn I'm white... I went with my lovely friend, Natalie. I decided to wear the outfit I wore for the Emilie Autumn Concert, but with a few tweaks here and there.
Yes, my eyes ARE red. No contacts, no photoshopping, nothing. I'm always indoors because the sun bothers me, but when I step outside, everyone suddenly realizes "Holy sheet, your eyes are red!" Well, yeah. I AM a vampire. :3

First things first, BOOTS! It was raining cats and dogs outside, and there was noo way in hell I'd wear high heels in 5 inches of rain. So after about 3 hours of getting ready together, we were photo shoot ready!
In the beginning, we were just getting our bearings and taking boring photos.
Bein' all cute and stuff.
But then we pulled this little number. I then realized that I looked like a damn pony! I was freggin' tall and huge with black peacock feathers on my head, I towered over Natalie like I could devour her! So we decided she should ride me, we WERE going to a racetrack anyway.
We kinda look like this:
We could not stop laughing for the life of us, so we switched to her camera.
I think the rest of these photos speak for themselves.
Despite the fact that it was a hurricane of rain and wind outside, I still decided to wear a poufy skirt with these stockings. I just put a striped stocking over the fishnet ones and safety pinned them under the bow. Works like a charm.
Soon, we were surrounded by many awesome handcrafted unique items! These photos all should speak for themselves.

There was truly something for everybody. This was our third year in a row going back to this festival, so we obviously love it, even though we always leave broke. My favorite seller wasn't there, but her representative was there selling her merch. I told them about how I admire her items and her modelling, and I got a free tote bag! See, even her rep was awesome!
It was 6pm all too soon, and we had to leave. I'm wearing my faux-leather pirate trench coat in this photo, it's flecking off all over the place and I must find a way to save it!

Afterwards, we headed over to my place and had tacos. We had a really great time and got some super cool unique things. I love buying handmade stuff. <3!


Tenebris In Lux said...

Look at all of those goodies! *dies*

Also, you two are so adorable <3

Serenity said...

Tenebris- d'aw, thank you! It was soo much fun, I spent like $80. <3!