Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Sondheim Show

Hello all! Sorry I haven't been posting in so long, but I have a good reason- I've been cast in two productions but, now that one of them is over, I have a bit more free time to blog!
The first production was called "A Weekend In The Country" by Stephen Sondheim, and this was my costume.
The production integrated different pieces from all of Sondheim's shows, so it had pieces from Sunday in the Park with George, Company, A Little Night Music, Marry Me A Little, Merrily We Roll Along, Follies, and Sweeney Todd. All this took place at an Edwardian picnic in the countryside.
In the show, I play Anne. She's married, but her marriage falls apart when her husband falls for another woman. She falls for another man, but he doesn't really care and has a hilarious heartattack in her arms as they're on a picnic. She goes insane, and drags his body offstage with 3 other women she imagines.
I liked to think of Anne as Ophelia, or how men depicted women in the Victorian Era- beautiful, weak, and constantly on the verge of wilting. It's a very sexist view, but when you're playing an Edwardian woman, some of the same principles come in to play.
I didn't get to use my parasol onstage afterall, something I was a bit upset about, but the whole ensemble came together very nicely.
I think my eyes look weird on this bottom photo. O.o
This next photo was me in the foyer after the show. I was very hyper and my hat was practically falling off, I'm surprised they managed a single shot of me at all.
I like how ghostly I look here. :3

More photos soon on our other production! <3!


Anonymous said...

I'm making the third to the first picture my contact default on my phone for you. So adorable. :3

Serenity said...

RequiemInD- D'aw, thank you. Whoa! You DO look different without a goatee. O.o <3!