Friday, March 30, 2012

Hospital Visit

I know I promised to post more blogs and slipped, but I have a good reason. I swear!
I had to go to the hospital yesterday. I'm alright, but it was just something that needed to be done. On a Victorian-tea side note, I'm glad they changed their gowns to this lovely dusty rose pink.
Probing instruments of my demise.
Oh God, not the sink!
They gave me an injection, then they took some blood. I LOVE those little vials they draw blood with. I wanted one for myself, but the lady said no. That tape was HELL to pry off! Its like medical duct tape! :[
^ Still rocking the striped stockings. They went quite well with my dusty rose pink paper gown. Soon after, with all the poking and prodding and shots and blood, I was very hungry and shaky. I know you're not supposed to eat if you're having blood drawn, but is that really necessary? Needless to say, food was in order, and I wasn't going to eat in that horrible hospital cafeteria. Time for my favorite event- GOTH WALK!!!
Just because I was at the hospital doesn't mean I'm (un)dead and I still dressed in my gothy best (though to a lesser degree, I don't want a doctor with a syringe getting the wrong idea). There was a diner about a block away, and my gothy boots were made for stompin'.
I passed by this lovely railroad. I'm not too sure if it's still in use, it had a nice apocalyptic feel to it. I think it'd be nice to have a photoshoot here sometime. I was well past the railroad when lo and behold, the gothic sanctuary!
Denny's! The perfect place for spooky companions to commune and reflect upon their dark ways... and what a better way than with an unlimited supply of coffee!
They were having some pancake special thingy, so I ordered my usual- hashbrowns and scrambled eggs with lots of blood ketchup and pepper.
These were my pancakes. They had white chocolate chips inside with strawberries and whipped cream outside. I ate them without syrup, they were soo gooey and good!
Strawberry of doom!
And since I was alone, I brought a libel companion to peruse and contemplate with my insatiable coffee.
Uponst my reflections of life, this was the view from my booth.
After my meal, I went for a walk to closer inspect this edifice.
It had a nice feel, kind of like a hotel in Spain would have (I'm guessing).
I always wanted to stay in a huge hotel in Spain with lots of fountains and wild peacocks roaming around, kind of like that hotel in "Original Sin." I wonder what their coffee would taste like.
After some gothic curious inspections, I returned home. I received several shout outs and lingering stares by male drivers (okay seriously, WHY do men have to stare so Goddamn hard at a woman walking down the street? I'm not making a commotion, WHY must you visually rape me?!). In either case, it's good to see that the middle finger is a universal sign language symbol. :D <3!


Tenebris In Lux said...

I get weird honks all the time when I'm walking down the street :-S

I lost it when you said "Strawberry of doom!" hahaha

Serenity said...

TenebrisInLux- Yeah, I don't know what's with the honking. O.o?
Hehe, the strawberry favors you as well. <3!