Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Disney Store

I visited the Disney store today! I haven't been to one in a very long time (I usually stray away from malls and shop online), but today was the day I returned to my rightful castle! 
 There was a magical mirror that sang and projected the Disney princesses on it, so I shoved some kids in the face with my elbow and brushed my hair. Do you see that shine?! Thank you Disney store! And little girl who I elbowed so hard, her blood made my hair shine. XD
After an hour or six in the store, I got very tired and fainted on this... vintage, Victorian, re-upholstered fainting couch in the mall. Oh woe is me! ... damn, my legs are long... O.o
 So it was essential to recharge with some Gothic drink, Monster! It was too hot for coffee I'm afraid. ^^;
I like how the spikes I put on my boots look like devil horns. Proof that my legs are demons!
 So once again, the Monocle Monster was utilized. I give this beverage two pinkies up!
We had a fun day today, and I'm glad I can post again! I finally found my camera, I couldn't find it for the death life of me. Look forward to more terrible posts! <3!

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