Saturday, February 18, 2012

Creepy Cupcake Outfit

Somedays, I wake up and say to myself "I feel like dressing up like a cupcake today." Today was one of those days.
 What's a cupcake without stripes? I feel like cupcakes should all be pink with sprinkles and black-and-white striped paper wrappers, so I had hoped to emulate this message with todays outfit. I should have worn my petticoat under this skirt. :[
 The pink orchid and black glitter spider in my hair helped add to this creepy cupcake aesthetic, as did my spoon-necklace. What's a cupcake without some tea!
 I have taken to cutting the top bands of my stockings off and saving them to wear on my boots, like this. I had cut the top of a pink and white striped stocking, so I wore the pink band on the top part of my boot, like this.
 Showing off the black-and-white striped arm warmers that actually started out as legwarmers.
 I have plenty of striped socks and stockings, so I cut a hole in the sides of both of them and wear them as arm warmers. I realize now just how hard it is to find striped armwarmers, I find that my legwarmers were much cheaper and easy to find. <3!


Anonymous said...

This post tickled me <3 Dressing up like a cupcake is a perfectly legitimate part of wardrobe decision making!

Serenity said...

Lady Lovescraft- Indeed! 'Tis a serious question of the day. Who knows, one may end up at an unexpected tea party. <3!