Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Crow 2: Sarahs outfits

I know that a lot of Goths have seen the movie "The Crow", but there is some hesitation to see "The Crow 2". It seemed that with the success of the first movie, film makers simply wanted to make another movie to make a profit, a fact that most goths resent because of Brandon Lee's death. I HAVE seen it and, though it doesn't hold the same interest to me as the first movie did I really rather like the outfits worn by Sarah. 
If "The Crow" is in chromatic black and white, "The Crow 2" is its older sister- all sepia and crumbling at the edges. It's romantic in a modern day sense of the word, if that makes any sense. Layers of chiffon and lace and sheer fabrics under a corset.
Sarah is a tattoo artist and painter in the movie, but she dresses like a modern Gothic ballerina. She always has a corset of some sort on, and I rather like the color scheme she wears.
Sarah (the little girl in "The Crow") has grown up and has some powers of premonition. I don't want to give away the storyline (see the movie, it's on Netflix), but the artistic way she dresses (and her room) is just awesome. Lots of candles, books, art, and curtains. And her cat from the first movie too.
Some of her outfits have an almost "grunge" feel to them. Sometimes it seems like they actually sprinkled her clothes with dust to make them seem aged in a way. I really like it, though I doubt I could go out in public and get away with the chalky look. ^^; <3!

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