Monday, February 20, 2012

"Normal" Creepy Cupcake Outfit

Today was another "I feel like a creepy cupcake day."
It was one of those days where you have a lot of errands to do, so you try to dress like your gothy self but with a touch of "I'm attempting to look normal today."

 I recently acquired a black button-up cardigan with dainty white lace around the wrists. It's kinda schoolgirl, kinda Wednesday Addams, so I decided to pair it with a poufy striped skirt and a pink bodice.
 I feel like such a girly-girl in this outfit, it feels... strange. Notice the   O.o   look in my eyes. Yup, girliness isn't my forte.
I opted for a glossy lip rather than my regular red lipstick (even though my nails ARE red, gothic faux paus much?). I feel very very normal in this outfit, I think I'll give myself some crooked, messed up pigtails for when I go to the market. >:3 <3!

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