Sunday, February 19, 2012

I got a Puppy!

I came home the other day and was told we were to have a new member of the house. I blinked. I'm 24, my mom is well into her 50's, and my father had passed away when I was 9 years old. It was then that my mom stepped aside and revealed this little guy to me.
He is TOO adorable! He's a long haired chihuahua and my mom named him Spanky. The black thing in the basket with him is his collar, but it's too big for him so it fell off. He's That TINY! I decided to keep it safe for him until he grows a little and have been wearing it as a bracelet, it goes with all my outfits. He will make a nice goth dog.
Being a vegetarian, I love all animals. In our household, we now have 4 birds, 2 dogs, a turtle, and a fish. Yup, we have a nice little zoo going on here. Seeing as how he was a new member to our family and all, I decided to bake him a cake.
Of course I made a chocolate cake! I popped in a little white candle for him too, he's all white so it just seemed fitting. Here's a close-up of my fast made yet thoroughly delicious cake.
I had some batter left over, so I made some chocolate cupcakes as well. Here they are, fresh outta the oven!
I popped them out of the tin and left them out to cool before icing them. They smelled soo good! As a goth, I much prefer the blackness of this cake over regular vanilla, but I wish I had some stripey cupcake papers, maybe something with bats...
 All iced up and ready for the nom!
He's super nice and teethes on my stompy boots, but I don't mind. I'm so glad we have a new pet in our house! I still want a pet ferret though... <3!


Tenebris In Lux said...

He's too cute o_o And I'm not a Chihuahua fan, but this dude is priceless. That nose .. those eyes ..

linnea-maria said...

Ooh my, he's so cute!

CatacombKitten said...

So adorable!

Serenity said...

Tenebris In Lux- I know. I usually can't stand little yappy dogs, but he's so well-behaved and doesn't shake at all. Maybe long haired chihuahua's are warmer and don't shake. O.o

Linnea-Maria= Haha, he's truly grown on me. I love him to itty-bitty-bits!

CatacombKitten- He's so loveable, he likes to chew on my big gothy boots too. :3 <3!