Saturday, February 18, 2012

Bizenghast Outfits

I have recenly been quite fond of wearing beauteous random objects upon my head, this one being a bowed veiled fascinator hat.
I've been wearing a lot of eye crystals too. Some people ask me if they're dermals (piercings), but I sheepishly confess that they are just crystals and some eyelash glue.
 I don't know if I really like the big black bow or not. Should I remove it, or leave it?
I suppose the reason why I started wearing head accessories was because of these books.
Written and illustrated by M. Alice LeGrow, this is a 7 part (I couldn't find books 1 or 7 anywhere in my room, I need to clean!) series called "Bizenghast" about a girl named Dinah. Dinah lives in the town Bizenghast and can see spirits, and though I don't want to give too much of the storyline away, Dinah always wears AWESOME outfits.
 A little Lolita, a little Steampunk, her outfits are really cool.
 And as you can see, her friend, Vincent, is a well-dressed gentleman as well. :D
The last book in the series (book 8) has not been published because the anime/manga company that published books 1-7 went out of business. It breaks my heart, I want to know what happens!
My friends say Dinah looks like me (long hair, big eyes, eccentric dresser), maybe that's why I started wearing more accessories in my hair.
I'm not particularly fond of wearing braids in my hair, but if I had a dress like this, I certainly would.
I love that head ruff. It's part hat, part fascinator. It's heart shaped with folds of satin going around it, I wonder how she keeps her head accessories attached...
There's nothing I love more than a well-dressed lady. That skirt with pants (below) is really cool, kind of reminiscent of punk pants, but with more flounce and less D-rings.
 Ignore the thumb. ^^;
I REALLY want a black pair of Victorian boots like this. Even if worn with black skinny jeans, I think it'd look pretty nice.
I really like this outfit. I can't figure out what the pattern/color scheme is (damn you black and white manga!), but I love how lovely she looks. I think the reason I love these kind of outfits is because my body is more... curvy, I feel weird when I dress like a girl.
This outfit (below) is something I can see straight out of Kato's closet. I think my next head accessory purchase just may be a pair of goggles...
Alice told fans to design an outfit for Dinah and that she would put the outfit in the series. This was the winning design by the fan, and I LOVE it! I need to start sewing again...
Do you read any mangas? Are you inspired by any fictional characters? How have you been dressing lately? <3!


Amy Asphodel said...

Ohmigosh! I'm such a Bizenghast obsessive, I totally loved this post! <3 Thank you!!

Serenity said...

Amy Asphodel- Haha, you're very welcome! I've gotten hooked as well, I can't wait for book number 8! <3!

Anonymous said...

you don't look anything like dinah sorry but you just don't