Sunday, May 27, 2012

"Mermaid" Outfit

Forgetting the classic "nautical" theme, I made my own representation of what a modern day mermaid would look like. I woke up feeling like a sea creature today, my long black hair like a seaweed halo around the crown of my head. 
First, the outfit. 
This was with my jacket on, I was having a fat day today. And wow, looks like the seaman I sang to his death left a hand print on my mirror!
No jacket, I was hoping the draping of my shirt would be more forgiving. >.<
I've grown very fond of wearing my spoon around my neck. It was given to me by someone who lost his way. Though he is gone, this is my perpetual way of keeping him near my heart and wishing him the best.
And here is the new hair clip I made a little while back.
Little known fact about me, I was born in Long Beach. I'm a Scorpio (a water sign), so I've always felt connected to the ocean and the moon. I went back recently and found some seashells to take home. I pieced together this hair piece, and now I always feel by the sea.
Where do you feel most at home? <3!


linnea-maria said...

I love that hairpiece! Perfect for a mermaid like you. :)
My home is in the forest, it's were I pick up energy to keep on living.

Serenity said...

linnea-maria= D'aw, thank you for your kindness. I love the forest too, it always helps me feel more grounded within myself. The other day I went on a Goth Walk in a huuuge woodsy park with a friend. I just close my eyes and I still feel that inner calm from the ancient trees. <3!