Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Alice Outfit

I was feeling very Alice In Wonderland this weekend, so this outfit transpired.
 I bought these stockings a looong time ago, but I never got a chance to wear them. I don't have anything they'd go with, so I waited until I realized "Duh, blue!"
 I also added these spikes to my boots, they look so menacing. :3
 The face shot. Buh.
 These were the necklaces I wore- a classy cameo, and a bottle with skeleton key.
 This cameo was given to me by my aunt many years ago. It's long and dangly, but by wrapping it around my neck and clasping it at the base of my throat, it's juuust right. :D
 This was the necklace I bought at the Emilie Autumn concert a few months back. It was made by Veronica Varlow.
 My little musical hair bow. I love hair bows, I just can't find the right sort to go with my long wavy hair.
I think this shot sums up what a modern day Gothic Alice would look like, bullets and all! <3!

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