Sunday, May 6, 2012

DIY Gothic Journal

I hate that I could never find a cool Gothic journal that I like to tote around with me. That's why I decided to post this DIY journal tutorial! I've been doing this for a long time, and I thought it was about time I shared. You will need: one black composition book (see below), scissors, Crazy Glue, and random assorted Gothic things. 
I used to buy Gothic Beauty Magazines, so I now cut those up and use a lot of those Gothy articles for this. Any magazine will do. Just flip through with your scissors at hand and cut away at whatever you like. Pictures, words, phrases, etc. I also collect and reuse old Gothic clothes tags, business cards, and stickers too. Like these:
Also, if you don't want to have that black composition book marbled background as your backdrop, you can salvage a piece of tissue paper, wrapping paper, or cut out a whole page from a magazine you like and superglue it to your composition book.
Now with your backdrop chosen, start putting things onto your journal! You can start like this and just place the objects as you choose. You could go like this:
Or choose one sticker as the main focal point of your journal, like this:
Or turn your book to the side and layer stuff like this:
I also saved some old Gothic business cards, and a Vampire Freaks sticker too. You could layer these on the journal too.
I love to do this. I've done this sort of stuff to my bedroom walls. I'll include a few photos of my walls for inspiration sake.
This little corner is dedicated to Victorian, romantic, black-and-white things.
This corner is purple and orange themed.
This is one huge poster I made composed of several themes:
Black and red:
Red and blue:
 Red and Purple:
 Here are some photos of old journals I made, this one was Alice In Wonderland themed:
 This one was storybook forest themed:
 This one was Phantom of the Opera themed:
 This one was faerie tale creature themed:
These journals make a great personalized gift for anyone. Just choose a theme and start gluing. :D <3!


Tenebris In Lux said...

Whooo, very lovely! And where does one get Gothic business cards? o_0

Serenity said...

Tenebris In Lux- The ones I got were from 1) the one on the left with the Raven's is a Gothic tattoo artist, 2) the one on the right/middle with the coffin is a brand called "Funeral Classics", and 3) the bottom card with the cemetary is a spiritual healer. I got these in random places- the Pink Parlour Festival, Dia De Los Muertos, shops, stuff that came with gothic ebay items, etc. I always save everything, I'm a hoarder I guess. :P <3!