Tuesday, May 29, 2012

"Flower Girl" Outfit

Today, I went with a floral theme to school. Here I am pondering the roses uponst my head.
I've been having fat days this week. I think I need to cut back on the tea. :P
A quick look at my make-up and crystals. These were smaller ones than I'm used to wearing. I think I prefer the larger ones with these small ones accenting them.
Some wild flowers with my pet glitter and glam spider, Lenny, on for added interest.
And some Spook on the other side of my head. I like this, it kinda looks like it's HOLDING my hair in place. "You'd have to pry my hair from my cold dead fingers!" ... literally. :P
I think I'm dressing more garden variety because it's Spring (which is pretty much like Summer in California). I miss wearing all black with PVC and corsets. :[ <3!


Amy Asphodel said...

I love this look!

But seriously... cut back on TEA? What is this madness? >.<

Serenity said...

Amy Aspohodel- Haha! Fear not, my lovely Lady Amy! 'Twas merely a joke. I think it's the chips more than the tea anyway. :P <3!