Thursday, May 17, 2012

Rainy Day Corset Outfit

It was raining last week when I snapped these photos. I wanted to wear my corset, but not wear it in a way that would be too showy for school. Plus, it's raining, so I don't want to get it wet. This was the outfit I came up with.
I have been wanting to chop up this black shirt for a long time, I'm glad I didn't. It clings so nicely, all I had to do was tie a knot in the back. It also allowed the back laced to show a bit.
And a high-neck shirt that shows off my clavicles topped it all off. Matching red lipstick too.
My corset kept me pretty warm, and so did my sleeves. The skirt and fishnets weren't TOO warm, but I had my knee-high boots to protect my legs from any potential puddles. <3!

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linnea-maria said...

You always shows the lovliest outfits. This was a nice way to wear a corset and not show to much of it. Have a nice weekend.