Friday, May 25, 2012

A (Goth) Walk In The Park

Today was a day for adventure, and it began as it usually does for Goths...
Copious amounts of coffee at IHOP! We ordered the norm of pancakes with a side of gloom. I think the cook rose to the occasion.
A friend and I were very tired with stress of midterms and studying, so we decided to have an hour or two to ourselves and frolic. Outside, there was this furry bastard in this tall, huge concrete pedestal of some sort. I love squirrels, so I just had to give him a hug.
SO glad he didn't have thorns... And along we went until we reached our beautiful destination.
There is a park not too far from campus where there is a little rose garden. It's sooo lovely and smells heavenly indeed.
I have read the book and seen the movie "The Secret Garden", and this little piece of heaven was exactly what I would envision such a place to be. It's Spring, so all the roses were in bloom!
It was windy, but the sun shone and warmed things up just the right amount. My skin was safe from the horrible glare of the sun. It was a very lovely day.
There were many sorts of roses about the park.
I particularly love these roses. They bud white, and bloom open to show a delicate shade of pink. I LOVE these. We have a variation of these roses in our backyard, though not this specific type.
And alas, there was a faerie to be found! My friend juuust managed to snap this photo of her at just the right moment.
We sat on a bench and just watched our small corner of the world go around us. Uponst the trees, the squirrel that I hugged earlier somehow happened to come to life. He followed us and decided to make this park his new home.
It was so lovely. There are so many times I find myself with my head buried in a book, so much that I forget to lift my face to the beauty all around me. I haven't been able to go on a Goth Walk for a while, but I think this day spent with nature was just what I needed to center myself. The wind, the green, the silence, and a good friend by my side (they aren't pictured here, they're camera shy. :P).

Though most of the parks normal veterans looked upon me with the that typical sort of nervous disdain, I smiled and went along my miserable way. It was such a perfect day! I'm so glad we decided to escape. <3!


Anonymous said...

Michigan State campus?
The rose garden looks very familar! :)

Serenity said...

theEmocarebear- Nope, I live in California. This garden is in the city of Pasadena, not too far from campus. I love gardens though, maybe I'll stop by Michigan State someday. :] <3!

Tenebris In Lux said...

LOL the first picture! :-D

I love to go to college campuses as well since I live in a college town, pretty much. There's a bench in the campus dedicated to the graduating class of the same year that I was born. Lots of nicks and carved names and a little wear on the plaque that gives that information. Makes me feel old! :-P

Serenity said...

TenebrisInLux- That's cool! Mu cousin went to Cal Poly Pomona and same there. They have a little rose garden and benches like that. He was one of the smart people graduating there, so they have a brick with his name on it on the walkway. I wish I took pictures. <3!