Thursday, August 9, 2012

Car Accident

This is what it looks like when your truck breaks down on the 210 freeway. 
Let me explain. My mom was driving me to my voice lesson in Altadena when there was a VERY loud sound- our front left tire had exploded. All at once, the truck veered to the left toward the center divider. My mom turned the wheel to the right where we cut through 3 lanes of traffic and came to rest in the fire lane. We somehow missed the center divider, traffic, AND the fire wall on the side of the freeway, and our truck (and ourselves) remained unscathed.
My mom and I were HORRIBLY shaken, but this Metro service truck was there in less than 3 minutes. He just happened to be passing by and saw our truck in the fire lane. My mom and I were a mess, we were just holding each other and saying "We're okay, we're okay." And we were.
 The man was very nice, probably about 30. He was wearing long sleeves that didn't quite cover the tattoos extending to his hands, and had stretched lobes without plugs (probably not allowed due to his job). But he wore black framed glasses and had lot of smile lines, so he did his best to make my mom and I settle down and feel safe. As you can see by his radio, this all happened before 11am. Talk about a long day.
He loaded up our truck to his truck and pulled us off of the freeway to the first main street exit that he could. He parked our truck in the shade so we wouldn't have to wait in the sun for a tow truck to tow us home.
 A tow truck came and took us home at 3PM!!! Yeah, fighting with those Triple A insurance people on the phone, finally getting a reasonable representative, and having them send a tow truck when you're stuck someplace you don't know is NOT my cup of tea.
 Aside from the obvious bad events that day, everything seemed alright. We were okay, the truck was alright, and my brother and mom went out and bought a new spare tire for the truck, because...
 this was the tire that exploded. Good luck finding a patch to fix that! Mind you, we were on the freeway, it was 10-something in the morning, minimal traffic, driving about 45 or so. When your tire decides to do this, it's SCAAAARY.
This happened this past Saturday though. I finally feel okay enough to upload these photos without that sick feeling in my stomach and write it out without freaking out. Everything turned out okay though, and I lived to tell the tale! <3!


Anonymous said...

so that's why ive been feeling upset since saturday. Well.

in other news: the captcha for this comment was "wizhen."


Anonymous said...

Thank goodness you and your mother were okay! Something very similar happened to my grandmother a few years back where she blacked out and she awoke a second later going through 3 lanes of traffic.

Jessica said...

Ugh I hate this feeling. Glad you are okay. But voice lessons in Altadena?! That's near where I live! haha

Anonymous said...

Wow! O_O that's crazy! Glad to hear u and ur mom are perfectly okay though (how fortunes there was a man there an offered to help!)