Monday, August 20, 2012

Fixed bodice!

I have had this bodice for some time now, but there is only one problem... 
 Look at that busk!
 Most of the pins were missing, as you can see here. There was only one peg on the bottom, and even that one felt a little wobbly. I didn't know what to do with this bodice, but I liked it too much to throw it away. I decided it needed to be saved!
 I turned it inside out and looked at the busk, the part with the missing pegs.
 I located the bottom of the busk...
 And started seam ripping that sucker out.
 THIS is the busk that was supporting my bodice. It looks awful! I'm so glad I took it out.
 I located the bottom on the other side of my bodice and started seam ripping it as well.
 This side was still intact, but it was morphed from age and use. That was thrown away as well.
 I measured out the busk and bought a zipper of the same length.
 I put it in place and pinned that zipper down.
 The top DOES meet properly as you can see in this photo. I think the fabric just was out of shape because of the way it was pinned.
That was it! My bodice was saved! I'm soo glad too, I really liked this one- the pink and the black with hearts made me feel like a cupcake. All hail up-cycling Goth garments! <3!


Anonymous said...

Besides the pin(s) missing it's very nice looking. :3

Anonymous said...

Do you have an iPhone? You should join instagram!

Serenity said...

No iphone I'm afraid. My cousin keeps trying to get me into instagram, but I haven't the right phone. Maybe sometime. :/ <3!

נєαи said...

That's a great way of saving the corset; I'll remember this when mine starts breaking :)

Serenity said...

Thank you. It's a very neat trick! Just make sure you buy a zipper that comes apart at the bottom, kinda like a jacket zipper from a zip-up hoodie. <3!