Monday, August 13, 2012

Mail Call

I hate shopping with the hatred of a thousand suns, so I usually do most of my shopping online. I forgot to post these a while back, so I'm going to do a combined clothing item blog post today.  
 Neatly folded inside of this little package was this pink treat.
 I LOVE the ghost, black on black fleur-de-lis filigree. It is my most absolute favorite thing in the world and would wear more items with this feature if I could. 
 Fits like a glove. Not too bad for $5.99.
 Then was this bundle in another package.
 Inside was this awesome band t-shirt.
Cliche, I know, but I am not a Goth snob- I do like Evanescence, you occasionally will see me shopping at Hot Topic, and all those other horrible Goth cliches. I haven't decided how I want to cut this shirt, but it will be beautiful.
 Another package held this spooky little treat.
 I've never seen a bat shaped hole punch before, but now that my eyes have been opened, I will certainly be on the look out. Halloween is nigh!
 And inside of that bag was this beauty! ^o^
Black crinkle sheer fabric overlayed on a blood red fabric? Yes please!
 There is a black ribbon trim and a little frill on the bottom too.
 My dog wanted to help me model it. Now I have to brush dog hair off my new skirt...
 I got some pretty neat stuff. All of these items were $10 or less, and I get to personalize them (the shirts anyway) as I want to. I love buying used stuff and thrifting, it's so much fun. And with a strange taste in clothes, personalizing my clothes is much easier. I hope you enjoyed! <3!

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