Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Outfit of the Day- Mom's B-day

It was my mum's birthday a little while back, and this was the outfit I wore. 
 This entire outfit was entire assembled to showcase these new hose.
They're so cute, and they make my legs look pretty long. I'm wearing some high heels with these too, so I'm pretty sure those helped.
It's been really hot this summer, I miss the days when I would wear my corsets without dying as soon as I opened the front door.
 Minimal make-up too these days. With said heat, any excessive make-up is immediately a sweaty mess running down my face. Autumn cannot come fast enough. ><! <3!


CatacombxKitten said...

Those tights look fantastic on you!

Serenity said...

D'aw, thank you CatacombxKitten. These hose are really flattering to the legs. Even with plain Mary Janes, these will look cute with the right Lolita outfit too. I wanted them ever since I saw AdoraBatBrat with them. ^^; <3!