Friday, August 3, 2012

Hawaiian Festival

Today, le boyfriend and I went to a Hawaiian Festival! 
So as you can see, I'm wearing my tropical best. ^^;
And yes, the big boots were donned! 
Okay, so it was freakin' hot. You can see from the picture below that my face has a far-away, sweltering look to it. And this was BEFORE we got there. ><! 
When we got there, there was everything- food, games, snow cones, and even a little band with like 3 ukeleles in it too. 
 I don't know how these performers aren't burnt to a crisp, I was in the shade with a lime cherry snow cone.
The food was GOOD. I got some sushi, and Chris got some rice and Spam stuff. It was getting hot, so we headed inside. Inside of a huge auditorium, there were Hawaiian dancers performing different island dances.
Unfortunately, there weren't the quintessential hula dancers swallowing fire, but it was really nice and relaxed.
 The band.
 What happened next was awesome. Inside the auditorium, there were tables with people selling stuff to raise money for their church. I went to the tables and said hi to the ladies working there when Chris says "Mary, look." There, I see this little gem.
A headstone! It's big, about from my wrist to my shoulder. I looked at it and the lady said "Oh yes, that's a decoration for Halloween." I said "For me, it's always Halloween! See!" And I showed her my coffin backpack. She laughed and said something to the effect of "How wonderful!" She liked my backpack and my outfit so much, she gave me the headstone for 50 cents. When Chris and I were walking away, she handed me this little guy for free!
See! Talking to people can result in some cool stuff sometimes! XD

Chris and I had a long day, so we went to his place and watched "Fight Club". And yes I'm licking his face. What? He IS wearing a Metal-LICK-a shirt. :P  <3!

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