Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Denny's with Friends

This event took place the night before the accident, so you can see why it's been so long since I posted this. ^^; 
 The night begins with copious amounts of sugar and caffeine! My friend Robert actually upping his caffeine intake with BLACK coffee, you can see why I love him.
 He's such a pretty boy, so I decided to do his hair for him! Doesn't he look pretty?!?!?!
 ... Yeah, this is why I'm not a hair stylist.
Vladimir decided to say no to the Monster caffeine drinks and stuck to his old alibi, TEA! He already has insomnia and usually takes to flying about my head while I sleep, trying to eat my dreams before they are had. You can see his lipstick ring on the lip of the tea cup.
 I've been watching a lot of Tim Burton movies lately, so this was the strange assemblage of the night. Up until now, I completely forgot that I owned those witchy boots. I must use them more often.
 I realized that I need more poufy skirts like this. I have a lot of mini skirts, but only a few flouncy ones. I must find more!
 Yes, I occasionally smile. I know, it's bad for the skin, but what can I say- it was the caffeine rush. <3!


OddGhoulOut said...

I'm loving the random fork in your friend's hair.

Serenity said...

OddGhoulOut- Haha, I had to. His hair begged for a little Gothic teasing and the fork just... didn't want to come out. ^^; <3!

Dillon Reseck said...

Mary stop being so damn beautiful

Serenity said...

Dillon- I'm trying! It's my parents' fault... <3!