Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Dead Eyes Outfit

A good start to a great day!
The mini muffin was a gift, and the coffee (with sugarfree Hazelnut creamer) was free! It's like these people are trying to sugar me up! Good thing it was a mini muffin, I'm trying to watch my figure.
I suppose I am in shape. Round IS a shape. XD
I tried something different with my eye make-up today. I think the light from this room made it less visible though. :/
I added black pencil eyeliner on my lower lashline (something I never do) and smudged my purple smokey eyeshadow from the eyeliner down (to my eye bags) and up past my cat eye liner.
I never line my lower lashes. I have horrible black circles under my eyes that I hide as well as I can, but it eyeshadow and eyeliner always brings it out. So I went one further, enhancing said baggy eyes with the shadow. It really brought out my eyes, and gave me this nice dead eyes look. I love it! :D
And of course, glitter eyeliner on the corners of my eyes. I'm addicted to this stuff now. <3!


Anonymous said...

I do that too when my undereye circles are really dark.

Serenity said...

theEmocarebear- yeah, it's much easier than caking on a bunch of product to cover it. :P <3!