Monday, June 18, 2012

Father's Day at the Cemetery

Yesterday was Father's Day, so my mom and I decided to go to the cemetery together.  
 It's been a while since we went together. We usually get busy or something, but we wanted to take my daddy and grandfather (and grandmother) some flowers.
 This isn't a sad event to me. I've been coming to this cemetery since I was four when my grandfather passed away. Then we came again when my grandmother passed away. And more when my father passed away.
I've been doing this for a while, and I suppose that is why cemeteries are such a vital part of my life. They aren't sad places to be. For me, death is a transformation of energy. I believe in souls and spirits and an afterlife, so a person's energy never dies. They are literally always with us because energy can only be transformed. 
 My grandmother gets the white roses and my grandfather gets the red ones. We gave him a white one so he doesn't get jealous.
 To the north of these headstones is this edifice. When I was young, I used to think this was a castle where you go when you died and would have ball parties at night. I suppose I still do.
 It's really peaceful here. Somehow, the cars and streets and freeway sounds are drowned out and it's very quiet.
 I used to take walks throughout the stones, just looking at the various headstones and names. There has been a definite difference in names. I miss the old names, they were so proper.  
 It was starting to get hot (yes, even under my big black parasol), so my mom and I took a small rest under a nearby tree.  
It was overall a nice day. The sun was out (glares), but there was a nice breeze. It was peaceful. Very peaceful. Afterwards, my mom and I got some food and just talked. Here's my outfit for those who are curious, I know I haven't posted anything in a long time.
 Wearing all black just felt right today.
 I got lots of odd looks, but I think some people realized that if someone is wearing all black on Father's Day, you leave them alone. Especially with a face like this.
Happy Father's Day to you all! <3!

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