Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Gift

I normally don't post personal blogs, but today is the exception.
I was cast as the lead in the school opera and my character had a garden of "turnips" (girls with turnip heads and make-up) that could sing and talk. During this production, I got close to my "turnips" and, at last nights choir performance, they bestowed me this beautiful gift.
They all pitched in and bought me a beautiful candle (a GREAT Goth gift) and all signed a card for me. I'm graduating this Spring (my graduation is next Saturday) and I'm truly going to miss them all.
This year has been really hard. Some people I trusted were not as kind as I thought they were and spread false rumors about me. It really hurt me, until I sat and thought about it- I'd always listen to THEIR problems, THEIR stories, I'd buy THEM stupid little loving gifts. They never did the same. They never even bought me a birthday present. Even if they were to pick a flower off a bush and give it to me, I would have taken it, press it in a book, bought a frame, and framed it because that's who I am. Not so with my "Turnip Squad". :3
'Tis a lovely candle. :3
I think I'm going to make a bracelet/necklace out of this little charm so I can carry the candle's light with me wherever I go.
It smells heavenly! It's white lily, bamboo, jasmine, and sandalwood. And it came with this neat little tray too!
I always place candles on my wooden furniture and, when they burn down, the wood is waxy, messy and burned. Just look at the wooden desktop on any of my tutorials, that wood was normal when I bought it.

This gift is so special to me. I felt like I was wandering around in darkness, and they (literally) gave me something to light the shadows. I went onstage with a huge smile on my face. Thank you all for showing me what true friendship and love  and kindness is. You are truly special to me. Thank you so much. <3!

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